Schools and Daycares

I make class composites, a large variety of print package with very attractive pricing, student ID's, class books, Yearbook Layout on DVD for all major publishers and many add on and specialty items.

School portraiture is very difficult if done right.  When "factory portrait companies" are used, the results are often very poor.  The reason - they send minimum wage people to assemble a preset lighting and backdrop and get the kids through as fast as they can. They require that every shot look exactly the same for a couple of reasons: 1. Their people are not trained photographers and cannot correctly light poses.  2.  They are purchasing the cheapest batch printing where no color or density correction is made and the lab requires that every image look exactly the same.

I shoot every school personally and make the extra effort to quickly and slightly adjust the lighting to create the best portrait of each child.  Why? Because I only take schools and day cares in central and eastern Kentucky and I want these children and their parents to become my regular portrait clients.  For this reason, I also provide higher quality prints. Every image is individually analyzed and adjusted for color and density and have basic portrait vignetting and skin softening applied.

Schools & day cares have my best priced packages available.  My pricing will fall somewhere in the middle of average industry pricing, but with much greater care and attention to detail for every image.

Parties and Events

  • Portrait Stations plus roaming event candids.
  • Previewing available immediately.
  • On-line image posting for print purchases.
  • Large screen slideshow of all images can be displayed during your indoor event.
  • Pre-paid packages by event host or individual sales during and after event.
  • Specialty Items in addition to print packages

  • Banquets and Parties
    Planning a formal dinner or Christmas party? Give your guests a favor to remember.  A portrait of each couple or family that is presented to them that evening.  Additional prints are always available either that day,   from our website or through our studio.

  • Award Dinners
        Portrait stations for couple or family portraits
    Table shots of participants
    Award presentation coverage
    Slideshow during dinner

  • Proms & Graduation Ceremonies
    We provide portrait station backdrops or give design assistance to your student prom staff to insure the best portraits.  We also give your yearbook staff a CD of candid images made during dances.  

  • Fraternity & Sorority Events
    We offer portrait composites for your house and each member and coverage for your parties and dances.

  • Sporting Events, Teams & Cheerleading Squads
    Portrait packages, trading cards, posters, composites, ID Cards and team posters.  We offer almost anything you envision!
  • Golf Tournaments
    Present a tee off print to each participant & a group shot to each foursome!  Prints are ready before they come off the 18th green.

  • Debutante Balls and Charity Balls
    Up to 4 Portrait Stations for family, date, stag & individual portraits
    Candid coverage of presentations and table shots during dinner

  • Department Store Cosmetic Makeover Events
    Promote and schedule a makeover event for your company or counter.  Make appointments for your regular customers.  Encourage mother/daughter combinations. We shoot and print the image immediately after makeup application.  These events were very popular for us in Los Angeles!


Church Directories

Professionaly photographed with artistic portrait lighting. I am not a "portrait factory" that sends hourly workers to "act" as photographers with a preset flat lighting that is not flattering.  These companies do not allow thier people to properly pose or light thier images because they use low quality print services that require all images to be lit and posed identically. I take the extra effort to layout my books personally, so I can adjust poses and lighting for each family to get the most flattering image.

Sessions scheduled at your church or my studio, whichever is most convenient for you.
3 different book styles and qualities
Option to combine directory shoot with a fundraiser
Web directory and DVD directory in spreadsheet or database format

I offer 3 different qualities of books and 3 different book layouts.
~ 8 1/2 x 11 Soft Cover Event Book
~ 8 x 10 Hardcover Coffee Table Book
~ 10 x 10 Directory Album
~ Photographs & names
~ Photograhs & names with Event Pages & Roster Listing
~ Photographs, names, address, phone & comments