Childhood passes so quickly and the changes are so dramatic, we hardly remember each stage of their development.  Let us preserve those moments for you with beautiful lasting images of this fleeting innocence.

Secrets of Success

  • Consultation - We have a question and answer time with you to meet your children, discuss the feeling and look you want, and plan locations, backdrops and clothing.
  • Dedicated Time - You don't stand in line at our studio.  Your appointment time is dedicated to creating the most beautiful images of your child.
  • Guaranteed Results - We reshoot at no additional charge if you don't like the images.

Getting Ready

Being prepared is essential to achieving stunning images.   During your consultation we discuss all aspects of preparing you and your child.   We talk about nap time, feeding time, favorite songs or toys.

Of course, your child will be rested, awake and fed at the time of your shoot.  But, also, be sure to clip their fingernails the day before to prevent scratches on their skin.  If their clothing is new, try it on beforehand and let them know how great they look wearing it.

We also try to help you instill a positive attitude without overwhelming your child.  Placing too much pressure on your child, by stressing the importance of these pictures, can sabotage the shoot before we begin.   They will resist getting in front of the camera out of fear of disappointing you.   Make the event relaxed and fun.  Tell them they are going to Kenny's house to play and visit.  Let us work them slowly into the shoot with discussion and games.  Also, have a treat or reward prepared if we still encounter resistance

The Big Day
     I try to greet each child at their level on the day of the shoot.  If possible, I am sitting on the floor with some toy when meeting them. Developing some rapport with them can start a positive dialogue to help me coax many different expressions when we enter the camera room.
    During the Shoot
Where is mom while we shoot?  That depends on the reaction we are getting.   Sometimes we have mom singing and acting crazy, sometimes we ask her to wait in the reception room to avoid distractions.  We always have to play this by ear.