Designer Albums - sample layout


First, for your designer album I need a list of images to design with:

  1. List of images that you must have in your album. The number of images in this list is the number of pages selected multiplied by 2.5. For example, if you select a 32 page album, send me a list of 80 images. Here is a table showing the number of pages available for the different albums. All of your selected images will be in the album and there may be a few more we select to make a nice design.
  1. A list of image you don't want to see in your album. If you come across any images you really don't like, list them for me. Sometimes I will pull from the entire wedding list to make a nice design. Any listed here, I will be certain to exclude.

  Next, I need to know what physical album you want for your design and the page size (10x10 or 12x12). At present, I offer the Destiny, Tuscany, Echo and Coffee Table album covers for my designer albums.

Finally, I need a payment to get started:

  • 1/3 downpayment to start your design.

  • When the design is complete, I will contact you for the *next 1/3 payment and the design will go to the album company for printing. If you take advantage of the Companion Book Special, it needs to be paid at this time as well.

  • When I receive the completed album, I will contact you to pick up your album and pay the final balance. If you wish to purchase the digital files this is when you should do so.

  * Have your Designer Album direct shipped to you by paying the balance when your design is ready. No shipping charge and you receive your album in less than 2 weeks!

Contemporary Albums - sample layout


First, I need your layout. You select which images go on what pages. Dont't cram the maximum number of images on every page, you won't like how it looks.. Different size books allow a different number of images per page. Here is that list:

  Next I need to know what physical album and the size of the pages. I currently offer the Destiny, Tuscany, Echo, Coffee Table and Magazine Style albums for my contemporary pages. You also select wether you want black or white page backgrounds.

Finally, I need a payment to get started:

  • 1/2 down payment required with layout and album selection
  • final 1/2 payment when you pick up your album.
  • Pay in full when ordering to have the album direct shipped to you (takes less than 2 weeks!)

Parent Albums

  All sizes of parent album include one image per page. Send me a list of those images (in the order you want them to appear) along with the full payment (for the album style you select) and the album will be shipped directly to you with no shipping charges. You will receive the album within 2 weeks of my receiving your payment.