Story Book Session

This is my favorite! We photograph and write a twenty page book about your child or children. Before the shoot, we discuss all your children's favorites. What do they like best in school? What do they want to be when they grow up? What is thier favorite hobby or activity? Do they play a sport? Do they have a pet? Who is their best friend? What is thier favorite toy? What do they like best about mommy and daddy? What is thier favorite thing to do with grandparents? All of these questions help us create a "moment in time" story book.

This book will be treasured forever. It makes a wonderful milestone to record your children's growth and development. They will love reading this book as they grow and be able to remember thier childhood.

Story Book Sample


The Planning Meeting


At our first meeting we discuss the storyline of your child's book and how many different images we need and how many locations we need to create those images. Bring your child to this meeting and we can include them in most of the decisions. I like to meet them prior to the shoot date so they will be more comfortable with me and we can try to get them excited about thier book.

After we determine the layout, I collect the session fee for your shoot and we select the shoot date and time.

  Story Book Pricing


The Day of our Shoot


Bring all your props and clothing changes and be prepared for a fun day. Don't pressure your child by telling them how important this is. Instead, remind them how much fun this will be and soon they will have a story book about them that mommy and grandparents can read to them. Expect this session to take 3 to 6 hours depending on your location selections.

At this session I collect a down payment on your Story Book.



The Creation Meeting


Now we select the images for your book and complete the story! This may take a while. When we have the story completed and the images selected, I will create the layout over the next 2 days and put it online for you to preview.

At this session you place your entire order. You can order extra books or individual prints. I collect half down on any extras you order.


The Final Meeting

  Your books and prints are ready! Everything will be ready 2 weeks after our Creation Meeting. You receive your order and pay the balance due.  


Children's Story Book Pricing

Session Fee

$95 for studio setups and one location
$35 for each additional location

We discuss your book prior to the shoot to determine how may images and shoot locations you will want. Extra locations might include ball fields, stables, playgrounds, hiking trails or grandparents home.  
Story Book


This is my best coffee table style book with a photo cover and 6 color printing. 10x10 Book .... $210
12x12 Book .... $225


2 for $295
3 for $395

Prices for additional copies of your book when ordered with the original book. If ordered later, refer to the original book price.  

8x8 gift copies
5x5 gift copies

$70 each

A smaller version of your original book in my Magazine style book with the following cover choices.


Cover Upgrades
*Barolla or Hoshi ... $11

Faux Leather ..... $15