Story Book Session Ideas



Page 1

Intro picture with all of your props

Story Book Sample!


Pages 2 and 3

Play time - What do I do with my free, unstructured time?

Story Book Information


Pages 4 and 5

My artistic side - What do I like to create?

Story Book Pricing


Pages 6 and 7

My sports - What is my active time life?


Pages 8 and 9

My favorite toys - All my favorite toys, so I will never forget them.


Pages 10 and 11

My future career - What do I want to be when I grow up?


Pages 12 and 13

My Hobbies - What are my less active interests?


Pages 14 and 15

My mom - What is my favorite thing to do with my mom?


Pages 16 and 17

My dad - What is my favorite thing to do with my dad?


Pages 18 and 19

My inspiration - Who or what in my life, right now, is has the best influenc on me?


Page 20

Conclusion - What is my personal message to the world?

This page is an aid in getting started with your ideas. Some of these ideas may take more pages. A kid my have more than one aspiration for when they grow up. Some will have more than one sport or artistic endeavor they want portrayed. Use this as a guide to come up with 9 major ideas. We will use the first page for an introduction with all of the props you bring and the last page will be a close up portrait with your child's personal message.