The Breakfast Club

Early morning is such a peacefull time. The stress of the daily routine has not yet set in and the early morning light out your window is so beautiful. I have two times of day where I really love to shoot. They are early morning light and early evening light.

The early evening sessions are easy to book and they command my standard fees and prices. Early morning light is not as convenient for most so I am offering some fantastic specials to book this time of day. I will have the coffee out with some Danish and fresh fruit and we will enjoy a stress free early morning portrait session at great pricing!

The early morning session includes both Studio and Outdoor portraits. I don't limit the number of outfits.


Join the Breakfast Club

  • Book at least 3 morning light sessions per year, there is NO SESSION FEE
  • Purchase (on average) $100 from each session
  • 20% off all Print Packages
  • 15% off all Wall Portraits

What time is the Early Morning Session?

January -- 9:00 am

April -- 8:00 am

July -- 7:30 am

October -- 8:15 am


February -- 8:30 am

May -- 7:45 am

August -- 7:30 am

November -- 8:45 am


March -- 8:30 am

June -- 7:30 am

September -- 8:00 am

December -- 9:00 am